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Diet Care is a diet clinic in South Delhi being run by qualified expert and lifestyle consultant Diksha Pahuja. Our aim is to offer you diet management tips and we look forward to giving you a Healthier Lifestyle with help of Balanced Diet. With our range of services like weight loss/obesity, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, hair, skin and nails, to name a few, we strive to achieve the best results for you.

I believe that we are a combination of the things we eat and the way we treat ourselves…

Services giving you

#personalized face-to-face sessions at our clinic,

#we also provide timely support on call and

#cater to all your diet related queries online too.

#With our expert advice and professional guidance, we promise to deliver visible results in stipulated time.

Your health is our priority and seeing you fit as a fiddle will give us tremendous happiness. With our “Eat wise, drop a size” campaign, we hope to make a difference to each one of your lives.e process.

About Dietician Diksha:-

Diet Care by Diksha is the perfect solution for successful weight loss programme and other women related problems. Dietician Diksha has gained expertise in this field and holds Diploma in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition, Diploma in Weight Loss Management and Diploma in Vegan. Not just that, Diksha keeps herself updated in her field by Attending Health Seminars with Various institutions like SHARAN and online courses too with Reputed Health Coaches.

The motto of Diet Care by Diksha is to give you right guidance to stay fit and healthy with the help of effective diet programmes and diet charts.

She is well versed with Clients needs and so, only after thoroughly knowing their Clients medical conditions she designs their Diet Plans.

Her aim is to craft the diet chart in a manner that one should feel

*abundance of energy throughout the day

*Boosts their Digestion, Absorption and Metabolism

*prevent any risk of chronic diseases like Cardiovascular disease

* maintain a Healthy Weight

*improve the skin and hair texture

*build Immunity

*fight bloating, gastric or acidity issues

*detoxifying internal organs like liver,kidney, lungs & skin

* promote over all Health

Through her knowledge of Food, Health and Dietetics, Dietician Diksha creates varied diet plans which are Result-oriented and involve No-Starvation and feel satiated throughout the day. She keeps you Motivated by taking regular Weight updates and keeps you interested by sharing her New & Nutritive Easy-to-make recipes.

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